Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Team Building 2010

After the Deepavali weekend, I was sent straight for team building on Monday, together with the other 32 new hires of ING. The team building was held at Nilai Resort that has a small team building facility, golf field and swimming pools :)

Upon arrival, we went for our breakfast before starting the games. I think the morning session games were easier than the afternoon session. Even though I have to crawl on dirt :( After the first session, we went for lunch and check in to our hotel room. I share a room with Jan Ling.


 IMAG0242 The room was very spacious and clean. Better than my previous team building accommodation. Hehe. The bathroom was very big and has the kind of shower that I love. I guess the hotel is around 3 to 4 stars. Lucky us :)

After that, we headed out again for our second session which involves walk across high ropes, repelling from a really high place and flying fox. I finished all of them without crying or any urgency to cry at all. I was really surprised that I went through each task. A little shaky I have to admit. Haha. But overall, all I felt at that moment walking so high above the ground was I was extremely tired and just want to finish the whole thing as soon as possible. Luckily I was tall enough to hold the ropes high up so that I can balance myself up there. Oh well, at least no crying and did not bring any embarrassment to the Ho family. Haha.


IMAG0262 Dinner menu for the night. I did not eat much because I was extremely sleep. I nearly fell asleep halfway through the dinner. After dinner, we have to sing, dance and act to gain more points for our team. I wasn’t really in the mood because my whole body was aching and exhausted. All I want to do is just go back to the room and sleep. But when I reach the room, me and Jan Ling talked for nearly 1 hour before forcing ourselves to sleep. Haha.

On the next morning, we have only 1 outdoor activity which is to get across the 12 feet wall. Each and everyone of us have to over the wall. So we have to push, climb and pull other each other up. We managed to finish the whole task in a short amount of time, even faster than we predicted. After that, we went back to our hotel and packed our belongings, check out from the room and went back to the hall for indoor activity. After that, we went back to KL office and headed straight home.

I did not manage to take much photographs from this trip because we left our cell phones in our room. I mean, we can’t bring it our to the field or put it in our pocket during our activities right? Furthermore, we were too busy completing the task and encouraging each other during the whole game. The team building was really inspiring to me as an employee and also to become a better person. I will never forget what I have learnt there and even brought home some souvenirs with me.




There is one at the middle of my thigh and another one on my right knee. Seriously, I can’t remember how I got them but judging from the size, I guess one is during repelling where I knock myself on the wall. Yeah, I know, dumb right. Haha. Another one should be from the 12 feet wall where I have to put my right leg up on the wall in order to push myself up. It’s getting darker now but it’s okay. Pooh helped me to massage it every night and I will recover very soon :)


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