Saturday, November 6, 2010

Morning and Afternoon Tea :)

Me and Calvin have not been to Mid Valley for the past, erm…. 3 months? We usually visit Sunway Pyramid since it’s near his house. But I wanted to do some shopping, not for clothes but for stuff like shampoo, conditioner and etc, I suggested Mid Valley. We went there two days in a row, not intentionally though. I bought a air perfume for my room and it didn’t work. We have to go back the next day to change a new one. On the first day, we watched The Child’s Eye; a horror movie.

Before the movie, we went for a tea break at The Sweet Chat Cafe since we have time to spare and not really in the mood for window shopping.



IMAG0185 Calvin ordered this chocolate drink with a lot of chocolate syrup at the bottom. It was really good, except fattening. Haha. We shared English scones and I have to say, the ones at Tappers, Jaya One, are the best!! But was Calvin’s first scone, so it wasn’t that bad for him. I, on the other hand, had a taste of the best scones in town by far. Haha. I don’t really like sweet drinks, so I ordered mushroom soup. It turned out to be bitter but still not bad. At least it has big chunks of mushrooms :) Hehe.

On the next day, we went for another movie. You Again. The movie was quite funny and we both laughed really hard at the scene where the guy suddenly sing a silly song with his own drum effect. Haha. Before movie, we went for drinks and dessert at Little Taiwan.


IMAG0194 I had Red Tea with really yummy bubbles. Hehe. Calvin wanted some ice dessert and ordered shaved ice with strawberries. Hehe. He’s the only guy I know that love strawberries as much as I do :) We had a pretty bad experience with Little Taiwan previously. We have learnt our lesson and decided not to order any food this time. Hehe. Overall, I enjoyed my weekend even though I have to work half day :( but then it’s okay. Focus on the good part and let go of the bad one and it will be much, much better. Trust me :)


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