Monday, November 8, 2010

RT Cake House :)

We (me and Calvin) always pass by RT Cake House at Subang and there will always be a lot of people in the shop. I am really curious if the cakes or breads are really good or people just love to queue up to buy things that a lot of people are buying. So, we stopped by the shop to pick up something to eat on our way home. We wanted a small slice of cake to be shared since it was only few hours away to dinner time.


IMAG0202Instead of one slice of cake, we came out with 2 buns and 2 slice of cakes! Calvin bought a sausage bun and he claimed that it was really yummy. He absolutely love them. He said that it’s way better than the ones that he previously had. I choose the layered bun because it was small in size and looks quite interesting. Even though it does not contain any fillings, but it was damn yummy. I have the honor to choose the cake while Calvin was queuing up to pay for the food. It was really difficult to choose which cake to buy as all of them look very yummy. Since I don’t eat cheese cake, I bought the chocolate cake and Opera cake. Calvin preferred the chocolate cake while I love the Opera cake. They are not to sweet and best of all, they don’t have cream on the side. I don’t like cake with cream at the side because it will cause stomach discomfort. Haha. Anyway, both of us were really satisfied with the buns and cakes that we had that day. I requested for a small birthday cake from RT Cake House from Calvin. Haha. Hey, at least he don’t have to crack his head on where to get a cake for me. Plus, if the cake turns out to be not good, I can’t blame him. I made his life easier, okay!!! Haha. Anyway, I will definitely go back to this place for their breads and buns :) and cake as well since their cakes are smaller compare to others, which is just the perfect size for us girls to have after a heavy birthday dinner. Hehe.

Will blog about my birthday as soon as I get the photographs from Calvin.


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